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Are you tired of sifting through endless smartphone apps, only to find that they fall short in meeting your dry fire training needs? Are you reluctant to invest in expensive shot timers that stretch your budget? Our product offers exceptional value without breaking the bank, making it accessible to all firearms enthusiasts.

Whether you're practicing draw speed, target transitions, or reloads, our timer offers customizable settings to suit your specific training needs.

Our Timer isn't just limited to dry fire practice. It excels in live fire scenarios as well, making it the perfect companion whether you're training at home, keeping your skill sharp while out on vacation, warming up before the match at the hotel, or out on the range. With its seamless functionality in both dry fire and live fire situations, our timer ensures a consistent training experience, allowing you to hone your skills effectively regardless of the environment.

Sidekick's compact design ensures that it is the smallest full featured shot timer ever made, offering unmatched portability.

Here are the features:

● Compact size
● Intuitive interface
● Nine Par times
● Five string memory
● Three presets
● Shot number, absolute and split times
● Repeated start mode
● Instant, Delayed or Random start signal
● Variable beep length
● High sensitivity picks dry fire click
● Workout timer alarm
● Stopwatch mode
● Metronome mode
● Coin battery for long battery life

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